CrossFit, Boot Camp and Foundations Class Booking


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How to Book a Spot in Class

To book a spot in class (crossfit, boot camp or foundations class), scroll down to the schedule below and click “Book It” beside the class you would like to attend and then click “Book It” again to confirm your spot. You can book multiple classes over a week period at one time if you like, however only up to 7 days in advance, i.e. you can’t book beyond 7 days. If you can’t make it to a class you have booked into, please remember to cancel that spot so another can have the spot. If all spots are taken for any particular class you are wanting to attend, you can add yourself to the waitlist when you try to book and will be contacted if a spot opens at which time you can login and claim that spot.

Note: All those on the waitlist will receive an email notifying that a spot has come available so the one who logs in first and books the spot will receive it. Once logged in, it’ll show what class(es) you are booked for as well as the class(es) you are waitlisted for under the heading “Your Activities This Week”. To book the waitlisted class, click “Confirm” under the “Action” heading to claim the spot. If you don’t see “Confirm” it means that someone has claimed the spot before you. Others may cancel their spot so keep an eye out in your email for cancellations. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let me know.